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LIFESTYLE: Meditation, everything you need to know about it

Another rage, but one that has been proven to help, Meditation.

The benefits for meditation for body and mind have been explored – and maybe misunderstood – for centuries. The accent practice has been admired as a long-term fix for stress, panic attacks and myriad physical gripes. Until recently, the connection between meditation and its physiological benefits has been hard to explain. Now, new studies are providing proof and understanding we need, and at the core of this research into meditation’s physical effects lies the relationship between stress and inflammation.

As there is a lot of more research to be doing to prove a direct link between meditation and physical health benefits, what has been unconcerned to far certainly points towards meditation as a useful tool in the arsenal against stress-related illness and ailments.

Experts suggest meditation twice a day for 20min will change you completely. While stress chemicals cease to be produced, serotonin is released, and the fight or flight cycle is broken, this is when the body stops digesting food and dumps acid in the stomach.

If you are new to meditation, there are many apps available to help you out. A one I have used often is Headspace and Inight Timer which I’ve gotten to known just recently. Obviously in an ideal world, we would be able to set aside 40min a day for some meditating but sometimes even that can get a bit tricky in our day to day lives.

Luckily, researchers suggest that even just a few minutes here and there every day can be beneficial to physical and mental wellbeing- guys, no more excuses now!

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