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FASHION: my fav’s from our SS19 collection?

When buying season starts I always get very excited, for me, it is like hunting season. I hunt down the best pieces at all my brands I carry. Therefore, when you ask me, what is your fav item, it is always quite hard to answer as I’ve handpicked each item carefully with love. I would never pick out an item that I’m not 100% convinced about. I really need to stand behind each piece because in the end, I’m the one that needs to be selling each one and if I don’t like it, how can I make someone else love it?! And yeah, sure, there sometimes will be an item that I afterwords see and think, ‘Steph what got in to you?!’, but that is all part of the game. Each season I’m always very anxious to see everyones reaction to the new collection and that gives me so much energy.

But to answer a question that has been asked quite a bit, here are a few of my favourites!

  • Vera dress– I love flowy dresses, I like to wear them each season and I just combine a cosy knit for some extra warmth of needed.
  • Debbie pink – talking about knits.. 😉 this one is just a great combo with above dress!
  • Lana Dots – omggg this jumpsuit! I swear this fabric is so comfy and soft! and it just looks great too
  • Eden & Andrea Suit- this power suit just screams BUY ME!! it is so fierce, love that color, makes you stand out!

I wonder what your faves are, let us know 🙂

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