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BEAUTY: Tips for a better digestion

Feel bloated after a meal or feel like your gut is not working with you? Try these simple tips to improve your digestion.

  1. No ice: Cold drinks upset the stomach, try going for more room temperature drinks or hot green tea. Warmth helps the digestion process.
  2. Chew slowly: Slow down, your stomach can not absorb all the health nutrition needed to be well-nourished. Take up to 30 chews per mouth full.
  3. Skip evening salad: Having salad for dinner can make you feel bloated, any raw food is too much for the stomach to digest in the evening.
  4. Mint tea: We’ve often heard that drinking tea after dinner is good for digestion but in fact it stops the natural process of digestion. Instead, drink a cup of cammomile or ginger tea.
  5. Strengthen your gut: Take some supplements. Collagen of silica are key components of connective tissue and can help to seal a leaky gut wall.

Hope these 5 tips help you out!

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